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Motivation Foundation

Learning Wordpress as a team

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A group project for a not-for-profit organisation

This project was realised in collaboration with Nathan, Nathaniel, Alessandro and John .
The Motivation Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation offering students enrolled in Year 11 and 12 the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised Certificate II in Civil Construction through on-site training.
After meeting with Timothy Hunter, CEO of Motivation Foundation, our focus was to deliver a reliable, modern and easy to access landing site managed with a CMS.
We worked social media creation and integration to allow them to communicate on social media platforms.
We choose to work with WordPress, with a Ocean WP theme and Elementor as a page builder.


The design of Logo is intended to be youthful, with a style and font that appeals to a younger audience.
The first letter of the company name forms a stylised “M” hinting at the shape of a path with a growing entity. The colour palette gives an Australian feel and draws inspiration from the earth, the ocean and the sky. Yellow tones also give a nod to safety and heavy equipment machinery. The colours selected have been widely used in Australian indigenous artworks, traditionally produced using natural materials of the earth such as ochre, iron clay pigments, charcoal.

So Freo Logo
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So Freo Logo
So Freo Packaging