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So Freo

Creating a small business from scratch with my partner

Brand Creation | Packaging | Web


SoFreo is small business we launched in March 2019 with my partner Alex.
Alex is a French Chef, who worked in health food restaurants for the last 10 years.
We both believe that organic, sustainable and plant-oriented food is the vital ingredient for a good life. We are conscious of our impact on our environment and we want it to be minimal.
Alex created the main product: the Organic Veggie Paté, together we built the concept, I designed the brand So Freo Cuisine and developed the website.

See So Freo GitHub Repository


We live in Fremantle, a coastal city in beautiful WA, Australia.
We found an open-minded community, really welcoming and involved in subjects that matter to us like well-being, tolerance, ecology…
The values we wanted for SoFreo, our values, are linked to Fremantle's community lifestyle, it is So Freo, it is So Good. We wanted the brand to reflect the range of products Alex wanted to cook: organic, healthy, plant-based.

So Freo Logo
So Freo Packaging


Our products are handmade, so I wanted SoFreo to reflect it with a handwriting font.
The term cuisine is written with a simple square font, neat as a clean kitchen. The wording is included in a circle with lines on the outside, which is based on an interpretation of the aboriginal symbol for a meeting place.


I had one condition: if we have to use a packaging, I wanted it to be as eco-responsible as possible. We choose to use vacuum seal bags to pack the Veggie Paté to be easy to handle and stock. With the new system of compostable green bin in place in Perth, the compostable bag was my goal.
For the print, we choose a creamy brown paper, close to craft paper color, to express authenticity.
After months of research, I found two great suppliers:

  • The Environmental Printing Company, based in Perth. It is a family company, using 100% recycled paper locally sourced & vegetable inks. They print our packaging and business cards.
  • Econic, producing compostable packaging, based in New-Zealand. This was the hardest part of my research, after multiple tests with different bags, the Econic was the only reliable and fully compostable solution to fit our needs.

Web presence

So Freo website reflects our brand colors: black and crafty brown. It was developped to be Mobile-first responsive and accessible.
So Freo has three main target audiences:

  • Vegan or vegetarian person, who wants to add some variety in their diet,
  • Health aware consumer, who wants to focus on healthy choices,
  • Healthy shop owner, who want to sell our products.

The Vegan Food Market is expanding. The social demographics are mainly an audience between 25 and 45, lower to upper middle class.
Regarding Social Media, we choose to develop our profiles on Facebook and Instagram.