​​More and more documentaries and articles denounce the state of our planet, and what we are doing to it. These are real and alarming observations, and yet it feels like nothing really changes… We shouldn’t wait for our politicians to make that change. It is our responsibility to try and stop this inferno if we want to keep hope alive for the future generations. It is up to everyone of us to open our eyes and change our way of consuming.

But it means a lot of effort and personal investment ; especially since we aren’t getting any help at all when we decide to make that change towards a more respectful way of life for the planet.

That’s the reason why I wanted to create this little “guide”, to offer economical, ecological and healthier solutions. By following these steps, slowly but surely, we can transit towards consumption that is environmentally aware. I wanted this website as clear and concise as possible, trying to put forth only the essential information, because I know we don’t always have the time or the motivation. I will also, when possible, give links to videos or more detailed articles.

I will publish 1 article per week that will identify a problem and offer a solution (the “Ecolo-tips”) ; some time to time, I will also post an informative article dealing with an important subject (the “Appendix”), with links to documentaries if you wish to learn more. There is no change without awareness… 

The problems raised in my articles will be taken from various sources. It is important when searching information online to try and have different points of view. 

The recipes and other solutions have all been tested and approved by myself! But they of course are not the only ones, it is up to you to do some more research if you are interested.

It is important to keep in mind that, even though we might only be a drop in the ocean, all changes in our History started this way…


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